Munster Cattle Breeding Group

Herd Health  

The following infectious and parasitic diseases affect performance, fertility and profitability in dairy herds. Recent studies have shown a high proportion of Irish herds to be affected by one or more of these diseases:

  • BVD
  • IBR
  • Johne's
  • Lepto
  • Neospora
  • Liver Fluke
  • Stomach Worms
  • Schmallenberg
  • Salmonella
  • PI3
  • RSV

Do you know the health status of your herd?

The Munster Herd Health Programme will establish your herd's disease status through:


4 bulk milk tests for each disease at the following timesaving

Early Lactation - Pre Breeding - Spring (March)

Mid Lactation - All in tank - Summer (June) + BVD PCR

Late Lactation - Pre dry off - Autumn (September)

Pre Dry-off winter (November)

Results will be provided following each test

A consultation with Munster Herd Health vet at year end to discuss the results

For further information contact:

Tel: (022) 43228

Price of the programmes

Gold                €329

Silver              €280

Bronze            €190


Payment System
The payment for the programme is by deduction from co-op milk account in September.


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